Concrete balconies

Precast concrete

We manufacture precast concrete balconies. Designed with any kind of non-standard shape to incorporate the balcony in structures with irregular lengths. Specifically tailored to the requirements of the project.


Precast reinforced
concrete balconies

We design concrete balconies strictly in accordance with the client’s guidelines, which is why the balcony can be completed quickly and inexpensively and have the exact shape and size required by the client. The installation of precast reinforced concrete balconies is simple and easy. Such reinforced concrete balconies can be made complete with Isokorb connectors, and it is possible to determine their maximum span thanks to the individual approach. Concrete balcony slabs are the most frequently selected type of precast items. They are durable, resistant to shocks, thermally insulated and fire resistant. Their erection does not require formwork or reinforcement work, which makes cleaning after the completion of the works quicker and less expensive. The installation of a balcony in a residential building can take from one to several hours (depending on the complexity of the structure).


Balconies and loggias

We use appropriate concrete technology to make sure our precast concrete balconies do not require any thermal insulation, waterproofing, flashing or concrete overlay. This technology is very effective and is used exclusively in Scandinavia and Germany.


Precast elements that are to be exposed to weather factors (e.g., balcony slabs) are made using concrete with increased frost resistance.


The balconies we make do not require thermal insulation, waterproofing, flashing and overlay concrete after installation. Various forms of surface finish are available.


Smooth concrete
Surface for tiles
Surface for
underfloor systems

The surfaces of precast concrete balconies can have different finishes depending on the requirements of the client. Normally, reinforced concrete balconies are smooth, but they can, for instance, be provided with slip-resistant surfaces for improved user safety. Slip-resistant finishes are textured surfaces, with irregularities to prevent slipping.


Additionally, the surfaces of concrete balconies can be finished with ceramic tiles or other materials to achieve various visual and decorative effects.


The selection of the finish for the surfaces of the precast reinforced concrete balconies depends on the individual needs of the client and the conditions in which the balcony will be used.


The balconies we make do not require thermal insulation, waterproofing, flashing and overlay concrete after installation. Various forms of surface finish are available.


Connection by connecting ribs
Thermal break connectors

Square edges

Precast concrete balconies with conventional square edges.

Curved edges

Precast concrete balconies with curved edges.

Round edges

Precast concrete balconies with rounded edges.

Irregular shapes

Precast concrete balconies with irregular shapes upon request.

for real estate developers
and the industrial sector

We work together with engineering companies that design structures from precast items. We offer a robust solution for real estate developers and the industrial sector.


We make high-quality precast concrete items upon individual request.


We offer international transport services and special transport of precast items.


We believe in partner-like relations with our clients. Transparent and professional.


We have our own laboratory. Our precast items are scrupulously tested.


P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o.

P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete elements in Poland, with many years of experience in the construction industry. The company has extensive capabilities for making precast elements upon request. Our offering includes precast walls, balconies, staircases and structural members such as columns and beams. We offer durable precast items of high quality. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and continual improvement of production processes, SCANBET can meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects and clients.

  • High quality SCANBET products are made with very high precision, which is critical for structural members such as precast walls. This ensures that the clients receive products with specific dimensions and properties, ensuring the stability and durability of the entire structure.
  • Wide range of products SCANBET offers a wide range of precast reinforced concrete items, from foundation slabs and walls to decorative elements. This enables the clients to adapt the products to their individual needs and requirements, improving efficiency and providing time and money savings during the construction process.


Our Factory Quality Control System is used to monitor every stage of production. Our Quality Control System has been approved by the Polish certification body CWB from Warsaw.


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