Precast walls

Precast concrete walls

We manufacture durable and precisely-made precast concrete walls composed of one, two or three layers that are easy to install. We offer international transport services and special transport means.



Single-layer and composite precast walls

We make solid precast walls consisting of a single layer as well as composite walls with an insulating layer made of foamed polystyrene, extruded polystyrene or mineral wool. Precast concrete walls are used to construct residential estates and public and industrial buildings. Depending on the client’s choice, the walls may be provided with window and door openings. We also make precast retaining walls with an L-shaped or T-shaped cross-section and a symmetric or asymmetric base, which are freestanding structures used to transfer the pressure of the protected structure to the ground during the construction of ramps, canals and tunnels.


  • The outer surfaces of the walls can be homogeneous or finished with various textures
  • Precast composite walls can have window or door openings
  • They may be provided with parts of electrical or plumbing/mechanical systems as well as accessories for connection with other walls on the construction site
  • We offer a wide range of wall sizes for residential, public and industrial buildings, etc.

Precast concrete walls

Precast concrete walls are an increasingly popular solution in the construction industry because they simplify and shorten the construction of concrete members. We supply precast reinforced concrete walls directly to the construction site. Thanks to modern technologies and careful preparation, we manufacture precisely-made and durable modules that are quick and easy to install. Precast concrete walls are strong and resistant to external factors, which makes them an attractive choice for many clients.

Three-layer concrete walls

They have suitable openings and can be provided with components that make them easier to join with each other, e.g., using channels, and stainless fasteners for connection with the outer layer. The central concrete layer is more than 150-mm thick, and it has suitable reinforcement to function as a load-bearing wall. On the inner side, the wall has thermal insulation, while the outer layer of the wall provides protection against weather conditions. This is the layer made of a reinforced concrete panel with a thickness of 60–80 mm. The wall is quick to make and uses high-quality components. This eliminates the need for formwork at the construction site. It is a good solution and requires little use of construction equipment. The outer layer can be covered with decorative bricks or another type of facade.

Two-layer concrete walls

They consist of two walls containing structural reinforcement connected with trusses for easier transport and placement of concrete. They are used in the basements of residential houses and public

buildings, terraced houses, industrial buildings, steel sheds and multi-storey car parks. They have a high-quality surface and are quick and easy to install. The walls can be assembled in any weather conditions, and they do not require any treatment after erection.

Solid one-layer concrete walls

Walls of reinforced concrete or expanded clay aggregate concrete used for thermal insulation, with a constant cross-section ranging from 80 to 240 mm. One side is smooth from the formwork, reducing costs and erection time. Solid walls are characterised by high-quality components.

Concrete retaining walls

The primary type of engineering structures used to protect slopes and landfills. They are designed to withstand the applicable loads and soil pressure. The walls have an L- or T-shaped cross-section and a symmetric or asymmetric base. They are also made specifically for individual designs. Due to their design, they are quick to make. The walls are frost-resistant and waterproof. They can also be used as a decorative item or a part of a fence.

for real estate developers
and the industrial sector

We work together with engineering companies that design structures from precast items. We offer a robust solution for real estate developers and the industrial sector.


We make high-quality precast concrete items upon individual request.


We offer international transport services and special transport of precast items.


We believe in partner-like relations with our clients. Transparent and professional.


We have our own laboratory. Our precast items are scrupulously tested.


P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o.

P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete elements in Poland, with many years of experience in the construction industry. The company has extensive capabilities for making precast elements upon request. Our offering includes precast walls, balconies, staircases and structural members such as columns and beams. We offer durable precast items of high quality. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and continual improvement of production processes, SCANBET can meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects and clients.

  • High quality SCANBET products are made with very high precision, which is critical for structural members such as precast walls. This ensures that the clients receive products with specific dimensions and properties, ensuring the stability and durability of the entire structure.
  • Wide range of products SCANBET offers a wide range of precast reinforced concrete items, from foundation slabs and walls to decorative elements. This enables the clients to adapt the products to their individual needs and requirements, improving efficiency and providing time and money savings during the construction process.


Our Factory Quality Control System is used to monitor every stage of production. Our Quality Control System has been approved by the Polish certification body CWB from Warsaw.


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