for the climate

Our goal is to ensure harmonious coexistence with nature and to take all the necessary measures to limit the impact on the environment. The list of the selected actions taken by P.B.-M. SCANBET Sp. z o.o. can be found below.

P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o.

Environmental declaration – EPD

Company P.B.-M. SCANBET Sp. z o.o., obtained as the first company in Poland the environmental declaration EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) developed by Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Technology Institute) in Warsaw.

Certificate No. 105/2020 of Type III Environmental Declaration confirms the correctness of the data included in the development of Type-III Environmental Declaration and their accordance with the requirements of the standard PN-EN 15804 + A1:204-04.

The Environmental Product Declaration, according to ISO 14025 forms the basis for the development of the ecological balance of a building and the data included are necessary to obtain the certficate for buildings that meet requirements of sustainable development, such as BREEAM and LEED certification.

Eco Producer

Reduction of CO2 emissions

In 2022 we achieved the position of one of the three largest recipients of low carbon cement. This unique position has a positive influence on reduction of real carbon dioxide emission (CO2 emission). Choosing the low carbon cement we actively engage in activities for enviroment protection and sustainable development.

By promoting the low carbon cement we contribute furthermore to reducing our own carbon footprint and its effect on the atmosphere. Such a conscious approach has a significant influence on the fighting the global problem of climate changes.
As a result our company contributed to the real reduction of CO2 emission, which is a significant step towards a sustainable future.


Renewable energy sources

The current 50 kW installation forms the basis of our involvement in using of renewable energy and sustainable development. It ist the proof of our determination and long-term vision aimed at reducing of our carbon footprint and striving for greater energy independence.

The planned extension to 200 kW will increase our contribution to production of renewable energy. Thanks to the mentioned extention we will both increase our capacity to generate clean energy and contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emission and environmental protection.

Our long-term goal is ambitious but we believe that thanks to our determination, innovation and engagement we will be able to extend our installation to 200 kW. This step will be beneficial both for our company and our community contributing to the more sustainable future based on the clean renewable energy.

  • Status as of June 2023
  • Working days: 537
  • Annual production: 12.88 MWh
  • Total production: 63.21 MWh
  • Total production: 18.96 K PLN
  • Planted trees: 3443.93
  • Carbon offsetting: 36.72 tons
  • Carbon saved: 25.28 tons
Responsible solutions

Green Rating System

In our production activities we place great emphasis on sustainable development and minimazing of negative impact on environment.
That’s why we are proud of the fact that our products have been taken into account in three prestigious Swedish environmental rating systems.

  • Svanen
  • SundaHus
  • Byggvarubedomningen
Precast balconies, landingsRecommendedAApproved
Precast columns and beamsAcceptedAApproved
Precast massive wallsAcceptedAApproved
Precast composite wallsAcceptedBApproved
Precast staircasesRecommendedAApproved

All the systems are known for their strict criteria which a product has to fulfil to be considered as approved and registered. Thanks to this fact our products undergo a detailed chemical composition analysis and their influence on the environment in various aspects of theirs life cycle, beginning from the production stage, throughout use until disposal.
The mentioned evaluation of our products in these environmental systems constitutes confirmation that they meet strict environmental requirements. Our engagement in providing ecological and responsible building solutions is fully reflected by our presence in these rating systems.

for real estate developers
and the industrial sector

We work together with engineering companies that design structures from precast items. We offer a robust solution for real estate developers and the industrial sector.


We make high-quality precast concrete items upon individual request.


We offer international transport services and special transport of precast items.


We believe in partner-like relations with our clients. Transparent and professional.


We have our own laboratory. Our precast items are scrupulously tested.


P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o.

P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete elements in Poland, with many years of experience in the construction industry. The company has extensive capabilities for making precast elements upon request. Our offering includes precast walls, balconies, staircases and structural members such as columns and beams. We offer durable precast items of high quality. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and continual improvement of production processes, SCANBET can meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects and clients.

  • High quality SCANBET products are made with very high precision, which is critical for structural members such as precast walls. This ensures that the clients receive products with specific dimensions and properties, ensuring the stability and durability of the entire structure.
  • Wide range of products SCANBET offers a wide range of precast reinforced concrete items, from foundation slabs and walls to decorative elements. This enables the clients to adapt the products to their individual needs and requirements, improving efficiency and providing time and money savings during the construction process.


Our Factory Quality Control System is used to monitor every stage of production. Our Quality Control System has been approved by the Polish certification body CWB from Warsaw.


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