All our production processes are controlled by the Factory Quality Control System. We have our own laboratory that monitors adherence to standards and specifications for the materials. Every production stage is closely controlled.


Certified and standardised
production processes
at every stage

Quality control at SCANBET is based on the Factory Quality Control System. It involves the monitoring of our operations at every stage of production.


Our Quality Control System has been approved by the Polish certification body CWB from Warsaw. Certification body CWB issued Factory Production Control certificate No. 2767-CPR-0146 to SCANBET regarding the assessment of conformity to the following standards:


– EN 13225:20013 Precast concrete products. Linear structural elements;


– EN 13747:2005+A1:2010 Precast concrete products. Floor plates for floor systems;


– EN 14843:2007 Precast concrete products. Stairs;


– EN 14992:2007 + A1:2012 Precast concrete products. Wall elements;


– EN 15258:2008 Precast concrete products. Retaining wall elements;


– EN 14991:2007 Precast concrete products. Foundation elements.


The certificate entitles the manufacturer to label its products with the CE mark (Conformité Européene) and, consequently, sell its products throughout the European Union.


The Production Control System of SCANBET also conforms to DIN EN 206-1, DIN 1045-1 to 3, DIN 1045-4, certified with Certificate of Conformity No. 51/12 issued by Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus (BTU)


We are also accredited by the Swedish Certification System Association NORDCERT. The above-mentioned Association presented us with Certificate No. 2113, which confirms that the company has established and implemented a system for the production of precast reinforced concrete elements of category B, according to standard EN 13369:2018, together with the additional requirements for concrete products intended for the Swedish market.


P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o. was the first company in Poland to receive the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) prepared by the Building Research Institute (ITB) from Warsaw.


Type-III EPD Certificate No. 105/2020 certifies that we have correctly determined the data considered during the preparation of the type-III EPD and that we conform to PN-EN 15804+A1:204-04.


EPDs – according to ISO 14025 – are the input for the preparation of the analysis of the energy demand of the building, and the information they contain is required for the building to achieve a certificate for sustainable structures (e.g., BREEAM and LEED).

Environmental assessment system


There are several different systems for the environmental assessment of construction products with stringent criteria that have to be met in order for the product to be approved and registered.
Our products are subject to three Swedish systems of environmental assessment:

  • Byggvarubedomningen
  • SundaHus
  • Svanen

The individual systems assess construction products based on their chemical composition and environmental impact. The products are assessed at all stages of the product life cycle: during production, use and disposal.



Status (rating) of our products in the individual environmental databases:

Precast balconies, landingsRecommendedAApproved
Precast columns and beamsAcceptedAApproved
Precast massive wallsAcceptedAApproved
Precast composite wallsAcceptedBApproved
Precast staircasesRecommendedAApproved


Our Factory Quality Control System is used to monitor every stage of production. Our Quality Control System has been approved by the Polish certification body CWB from Warsaw.


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