Members of reinforced concrete structures

Members of reinforced
concrete structures

The members of reinforced concrete structures we make have a very wide range of applications. Thanks to their fire resistance, they can be used to make structures of any shape without compromising on superior durability and load capacity.


Precast beams

We make beams in all size ranges, rectangular, trapezoidal, T-shaped and L-shaped. The normal length of the beams is up to 12 m. The items we offer can be connected to the structure by being placed on the console of the column (tie-columns, anchor plates) or using bolted rebar couplers.


Beams are used mainly in infrastructure, energy facilities, construction of car parks, stadiums, apartments and in public, commercial and industrial buildings. Precast beams do not require the use of formwork on the construction site.


  • Durable beams with a wide range of applications in many different projects
  • Made upon request, 100% in line with the specifications

Precast columns

Columns are made in specific sizes and with square, rectangular and round cross-sections, uniform or varying over height. They are provided with connection accessories.


The function of the columns is to transfer structure loads to the foundations. They are broken down into two types – simple columns and columns with capitals. The columns have rails, steel plates or connectors used to connect the members of the structure together. They can be made with consoles extending in any direction to support binders or beams. They may have rectangular, square or round cross-sections. Precast columns are a quick solution, eliminating the need of time consuming timbering and reinforcement laying on construction sites. The columns are connected to the foundation using bolted connectors, so there is no need to use mounting supports.


Precast single-storey concrete columns are easier to transport, particularly during the construction of residential buildings, which do not require columns taller than 15 metres. If they are used for multi-storey structures, however, the columns will have to be joined together on site


Precast multi-storey concrete columns are a solution that requires less labour on site, is quicker to install and is delivered with special transport means.


Lift shafts

We offer lift shafts matching the individual needs of the client. The height of the precast items depends on the height of the storeys in the buildings.


The top and bottom members can be made as homogeneous parts or as separate side walls. Consistency of the required dimensions ensures that the assembled structure maintains its integrity, guaranteeing its long service life. Precast shafts are used both in industrial facilities, warehouses, factories, as well in public, production and multifamily buildings.

The lift shaft consists of the following:

  • Waterproof bottom (lift pit)
  • Bottom part of the storey
  • Top part of the storey
  • Shaft head slab

The top and bottom parts of the storey can be made as separate side walls or complete 3D members for the individual storeys.

for real estate developers
and the industrial sector

We work together with engineering companies that design structures from precast items. We offer a robust solution for real estate developers and the industrial sector.


We make high-quality precast concrete items upon individual request.


We offer international transport services and special transport of precast items.


We believe in partner-like relations with our clients. Transparent and professional.


We have our own laboratory. Our precast items are scrupulously tested.


P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o.

P.B.-M. SCANBET sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete elements in Poland, with many years of experience in the construction industry. The company has extensive capabilities for making precast elements upon request. Our offering includes precast walls, balconies, staircases and structural members such as columns and beams. We offer durable precast items of high quality. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and continual improvement of production processes, SCANBET can meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects and clients.

  • High quality SCANBET products are made with very high precision, which is critical for structural members such as precast walls. This ensures that the clients receive products with specific dimensions and properties, ensuring the stability and durability of the entire structure.
  • Wide range of products SCANBET offers a wide range of precast reinforced concrete items, from foundation slabs and walls to decorative elements. This enables the clients to adapt the products to their individual needs and requirements, improving efficiency and providing time and money savings during the construction process.


Our Factory Quality Control System is used to monitor every stage of production. Our Quality Control System has been approved by the Polish certification body CWB from Warsaw.


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