Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social Responsibility

Sponsorship and charity activities performed by SCANBET are aimed at the development of the local community and support for the families of our employees.

LKS Piast Chociwel

For many years we have been supporting the clubs LKS Chociwel and UKS Piast Junior Chociwel. This year we feel as double winner; we not only provided financial supoprt, but also can see the development and passion of the players. LKS Piast Chociwel was founded in 1948 and has been continuing to operate to this day.

Age range: from the age of 13.

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UKS Piast Junior Chociwel

Age range: from 6 to 13.


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Fields of activity

Sponsorship activity of SCANBET is conducted on a local scale and covers following areas:


Support of grass-roots sport, sport events at local level combined with charity actions and encouraging physical activity.


Pro-ecological approach to the business is very important to our business partners and employees, to whom the reducing of carbon footprint, health improvement and nature protection matter.

Events and projects

Events and projects relevant for the local communities, as an important and active partner for the business communities and local government,- promotion of the company’s image.


of sport and culture

In addition to the main activity focused on the production of prefabricated elements the company Scanbet has been contributing for the long time to development of the local sport by supporting the local footbal clubs LKS and UKS Piast Chociwel.

For the media

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